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This is the ideal place for your swimming pool equipments. You can choose from any specialized brand. We have 316ss, resin filled (one & newly technology for water proofing) Swimming pool Lights with the guarantee period. We are proud to say that we are the only Company in Sri Lanka who manufactures Jacuzzi bathtub.

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Distributor To Manufacturer

Waterco commenced business in Years ago as a distributor equipment’s for swimming pools and spas. Since then, through a series of acquisitions as well as internal growth, the company has expanded into the manufacture and distribution of a comprehensive range of swimming pool and spa products.

Manufacturing Power House

Waterco’s research & development team has created an innovative range of award winning products. Waterco delivers high quality products at exceptional value with its efficient manufacturing procedures, advanced fiberglass winding and pioneering plastic molding.

Our Special Services

Fiber Optic Cable Light System

Instead of an electric bulb this is a cable of highly technology based which enables to design beautiful light patterns.It is economically profitable.It is giving a good look by using fiber optic for swimming pools, houses, business premises, hotels, floor tile & ceilings.

Why Couldn't you achieve dream about a swimming pool so far?

It is because you will have to pay high cost for another company as you are not aware about this field. So we are ready to help you now to build your swimming pool by yourself spending only 50% of the market price.

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